Our People

At DanChem, our people organize around our customers.

We treat our customers as part of the DanChem team. We work closely with you to develop safe, economical solutions to meet your needs, when you need them. We protect your process, chemical and technical intellectual property.

Our highly motivated workforce of experienced Operators, Engineers, Technicians, Chemists, EHS, Logistics, Procurement and Quality professionals are all committed to your success. Whether it is pails or railcars, simple blending or complex processing, we have the talent, knowledge and expertise to develop and execute solutions quickly to meet your custom manufacturing needs.

The DanChem team has experience across a diverse range of chemistries and equipment. Whatever your chemical manufacturing requirements are, we have the experience and knowledge. DanChem puts that knowledge to work quickly, understands the requirements, recognizes the challenges, and then develops the solution. Give us a call and we can use that knowledge to work for you.